EuroVelo 3, a bikeway to cycle through France and Europe

CyclotransEurope, founded in 1996, to create the French portion of a great bicycle highway which would link Paris to Moscow, St-James of Compostela to Trondheim, on reserved paths and lanes wherever possible. 
Our association works in close collaboration with public services and organisms, as well as any other party involved. It organizes lectures and meetings with its partners, makes documents setting out proposed routes and areas to be crossed, with details and conditions for their implementation.

Thus from the Belgian border to the Spanish border is being set up a long main bikeway, completed by many variant branches.Peaceful and friendly, ecological and economical, the bike is a transport mode in its own right. The cycletourist can discover cultural treasures while enjoying the open air, the wonders of nature, the magic of colours, fragrances and scents.

The creation of bikeways and greenways enhances local economy. By promoting tourism, it benefits depressed areas by stimulating local trade, helps to restore existing accomodation facilities, gives rise to all sorts of activities.

What is a bikeway ?
It is a long distance, continous, protected route, provided with adequate and specific signposting. It must comply with definite criteria but is not a stereotyped infrastructure.

It follows suitable and convenient routes: Greenways (paths for non-motor traffic), low-traffic roads, cycle tracks, green networks …
It comprises variants and small roads. Bikeways offer many services : information points, proposed circuits, maps and guides, accommodation facilities, shops, rail + bike arrangements…

Trans-European Rides

Every year since 2001, CyclotransEurope organise a ride along the Euroveloroute 3.

Our Trans-European rides are friendly, open to all, children, adults of all ages. They follow green paths, quiet roads, away from the traffic.
A la carte participation : you join us for the number of days you wish, and choose the kind of accomodation you like : hotels, inns, holiday cottages, or campsite. These rides offer new way of travelling, respectful of the environment.

By organizing our rides, we intend:
– To inform people on the “Euroveloroute 3” project
– To promote cycle touring and leisure
– To promote combined train+bicycle travels.

To get more informaton look at the CyclotransEurope ride page.